My name is Carina and I am a social worker and systemic counselor by profession. I worked for many years with individuals suffering from trauma and drug abuse.
More than 10 years ago I started practicing yoga by myself. Beside the positive effects on my body, I realized very fast, why so many people worldwide love Yoga: It brought me the peace and relaxation I was looking for.
Years after that eye-opening experience I started teaching yoga for my friends and colleges and could also see the positive and relaxing effects on them.
But honestly, the first time I started doing yoga every day was while quarantined in Medellin, Colombia. And as my teacher always said before: „Regular and consistent practicing is the most important.“ I realized very soon the positive outstanding effects of this daily practice.
And in 2021 I finally finished my 200 hours yoga teacher training in the Indian school “Vinyasa Yogshala” certificated by the Yoga Alliance.
Since then I was teaching yoga in different hostels in Colombia and organized open Yoga classes in German parks.

And now I would like to bring my passion for Yoga into your living room!


Help me realize my dream!

YogaHome is the first step in realizing my dream of opening a hostel with small bungalows in the beautiful, virgin nature of Colombia and creating a yoga retreat there.


About Yoga:
Yoga means unit!
And that’s the goal we want to achieve by practicing regularly yoga: Bring our body, mind and soul in a unit – in balance.
Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual philosophy originated in the ancient India. Beside the asanas, the body exercises, that are well known in the western world, Yoga encompasses way more: Meditation and breathing exercises, known as Pranayama are just two other parts. Also a non-violent and truthful life is important. Over the centuries many different yoga-styles developed and all of them bring different benefits for the health. While I primarily teach yoga influenced by Hatha and Vinyasa styles, I see the advantages of other yoga styles and incorporate breathwork and meditation into my lessons.

It has been proven that Yoga brings a lot of different health benefits for mind and body:
Yoga helps to strengthen your muscles and brings more flexibility and balance to the whole body. Beside that, it increases the blood flow in your body and warm up all your muscles, which helps you to relief back pain.
Furthermore Yoga has a lot of benefits for your mental health: It helps you to reduce stress and regularly practiced it builds a stress resilience. This will bring you a better and more relaxing sleep. But that’s not all: studies show that regular and steady Yoga practice can also reduces anxiety and depression.


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