You are exactly at the right spot if:

  • You want to deeply relax and relieve daily stress
  • You want to do something healthy for your mind and body
  • You have constant (back) pain from sitting at your computer all day
  • You are looking for professional, systemic counceling to help you through challenging times


  • You aren’t ready to practice Yoga with a lot of other people in a crowded classroom
  • You just want to unroll your mat in your living room and start your practice
  • You want an experienced and friendly coach to guide you on your personal (Yoga) journey

Welcome to YogaHome! You just need your mat, a quiet space to practice, and an internet connection.

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The Benefits of YogaHome

  • Learn with a professional trilingual Yoga teacher with a background in social work and systemic counseling
  • No need to hurry after a long day at work to your studio: Just roll out the mat in your own home and start relaxing right in your living room.
  • Learn and develop your yoga practice in a safe environment free from distractions
  • Have a teacher right there providing helpful feedback and experience the energy and dynamic nature that comes with a live class.
  • Be transported to beautiful, natural locations in South America

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