Systemic counseling – online in German or English:

Our world is getting more and more complex every day and sometimes we feel overwhelmed and lost. And especially after the distressing experiences of the pandemic, a lot of people feel lonely, depressed and helpless. If you have also experienced excessive pressure in your professional or personal life and felt helpless, but you haven’t found the right person or are still waiting for an appointment with a therapist, just use my form to get in contact with me and make an appointment for a 20-minute free meeting.

The systemic therapy is a type of psychotherapy developed from the family therapy in the United States. In systemic therapy we don’t only concentrate on the individual, but try to find insights into the system around him, his personal relationships, behavior patterns and former life choices, because all of that influences our daily lives. Some behavior patterns, which in the past helped you to survive, are now limiting your future life. Systemic counseling helps you in an empowering way to understand these limiting patterns and impacts on your daily life. It can bring you to a high level of consciousness, help you to acquire self-confidence and make you aware of different perspectives.

In my career as a social worker I decided pretty soon to follow a two-year training as a systemic counselor, in order to gain more self-confidence and to support my clients better. This training provided me with the counseling abilities I was looking for in my work with individuals suffering from traumatic experiences and drug abuse. To specialize even more, I did an online training course in trauma-pedagogics. Of course I use all these capabilities in my counseling.